New Orleans Style


Served Sunday 10am ‘til 2:00pm

*No reservations or take-out food available during Sunday brunch*

Gator’s Chicken & Waffle
(1) Cinnamon Vanilla flavored Waffle just the way Mama made it with Peach Cobbler Butter and (2) Crispy Pieces of Fried Chicken ( Leg & Thigh).

(Chef’s Note: You can have a Waffle with your choice of (2)pcs. of Black Forest Bacon or (1) House-made Sage Pork Sausage Patty.

Cajun Bubble & Squeak
Potato Cakes fried golden brown, topped with Poached Eggs on a Bed of Garlic Spinach and Wild Mushrooms with a Jalapeño and Jack Cheese Sauce.

Gator’s City Biscuits and Gravy
Hot Fluffy Biscuits topped with House-made Spicy Beef and Onion Custard Gravy, served with Two Farm Fresh Eggs any ol’… ah, you know.

Fried Catfish and Grits
Corn Meal Breaded Catfish Fillet, served with Cheesy Green Onion Grits and two Farm Fresh Eggs any ol’… ah, you know.

Uncle Bud’s Cajun Boudin Benedict
Smoked chicken, savory brown rice, cream & Gator’s spices, crusted with pecans and fried. Topped with poached eggs and a Cajun Red Gravy  served with massaged collard greens slaw.

Bourbon Street Stuffed French Toast
Sweet French Bread stuffed with Orange Marmalade and Cream Cheese, dipped in Gator’s Special Egg Batter and, served with Fresh Berries and Powdered Sugar.

Gator’s Barbeque Shrimp & Grits
(3)Tender Shrimp simmered in a Spicy Herb Butter Sauce with Holy Trinity over Cheesy Grits, served with a Farm Fresh Poached Egg.

Big Mama’s Smoked Salmon & Caramelized Onion Scramble
Smoke salmon & caramelized onion  scramble with 2 farm fresh eggs just like
big mama did it for us. Served with bayou potatoes.

Cajun Style Corned Beef Hash & Red Gravy

Our special back woods hash with a Gator twist. Served with (2)  poached eggs.


Grand Isle Fried Rosemary & Garlic Doughnuts
Tossed in a cinnamon coco powder sugar, and drizzled with a salted caramel sauce
& dark chocolate. “WOW WHO DAT”
(3)$6.99   (5)$7.99

*prices and menu subject to change without notice